Hi All...

This is not a recap/rehashing of all the CF Infiltrate, Russel Berger, Crossfit, MESSY DRAMA that unraveled today.  This Buzzfeed article does a great job of that.  If you don't know what's up I STRONGLY encourage you read it first.

What I will say is how grateful I am for my experience as a gay crossfitter and all the boxes that opened their doors to me, Pride RX, and all the LGBTQIA crossfitters out there who wanted to come together and work out.  

I started Pride RX because of ignorant comments made by the owner of the affiliate that I was member of back then.  I thought to myself "I wonder if he knows how many of his members are part of the LGBTQIA community?"  How could he know?  It's not like he was on the floor during every class.  So I started Pride RX as a blog and printed a T-shirt.  I asked my friends if they would want one and the next thing I know I'm running around with a bunch of black v-necks with giant pink PRIDE RX logo on the front and people asking me "hey I want one!" "what's that?" "oh cool!"  

You see, visibility matters.

That's why it was so important to me to find other LGBTQIA crossfitters and her tell their stories, or have their home boxes invite us in for a Pride RX social.  Between 2013 and 2014 we had a bunch of events in and around South Florida.  If you went to one you know how much fun we had.

Since that time, other groups have picked up on that same mentality and taken it to heights I could have never imagined.  

If you haven't heard of OUTWOD by now then please click on the hyperlink and check them out.  They're FUCKING AMAZING and I support everything they do 100%.

I also want to say thank you to all the affiliates who opened their doors to Pride RX and the community with love and respect (and some hard af workouts).  Some names you'll know right away, some have changed names, others have closed- regardless you each shared your spirit of inclusivity, love and acceptance- and for that I will never forget you.

Crossfit Soul
Crossfit Body & Soul
Crossfit 305 & A1A
The Playground Gym
Bolt Training
Crossfit Armed
Crossfit Barracuda
Iron Temple Crossfit
Live Free Crossfit
Crossfit Ambush
Crossfit Lux
Caution Crossfit
Hallandale Beach Crossfit
Crossfit Muscle Farm Downtown Miami
Crossfit Muscle Farm Wilton Manors
Jaco Crossfit
Crossfit Fortress
West Broward Gymnastics Academy

LASTLY... Please make sure join us on June 23, 2018 for the OUTWOD Miami event hosted by Crossfit Armed.  REGISTER HERE