Hi there!  Welcome to Pride RX.  We are LGBTQ+ fitness enthusiasts working together to promote health and wellness through fitness.  We believe that access to a healthy lifetsyle though fitness is a privilege we can share with everyone when we work together as a community.




PRIDE RX began in 2011 as a small group of LGBT CrossFit© members who wanted to get together and workout.  Today PRIDE RX has evolved into a community of LGBT fitness enthusiasts and allies committed to promote active, healthy lifestyles through outreach and awareness. We have great support from local business owners, friends and family who, through their own commitment to our mission, have become our Pride RX allies. They support and cheer for us in and out of the gym. In 2013 Pride RX launched a workout social, traveling to local CrossFit© affiliates throughout South Florida.  We've met so many great people and truly enjoyed all of these experiences.  We are all Pride RX.